In 2011, NYTVF’s Industry Partners Have Recognized Independent Television Artists with 15 Development Deals, Including 13 New Deals Announced Tonight


We are proud to announce the winners of the Independent Pilot Competition (IPC) in 20 categories, including the Audience Award, sponsored by Bing, the first NYTVF Critics Award, and four sponsored awards tied to development deals from FX, IFC, MTV and Syfy. Additionally, we'd like to announce the recipients of development deals from Sundance Channel, MSN and SevenOne International as part of the inaugural NYTVF Pitch competition.


In 2011, this new initiative was launched with inaugural Pitch Partners, Sundance Channel, MSN and SevenOne International, to allow Official Artists to create and pitch additional projects during the Festival. Artists were invited to submit pitches based on creative briefs provided by each partner and the top ideas were identified by the NYTVF for the chance to pitch during the Festival.

Each Pitch Partner guaranteed one development deal for an artist participating in NYTVF Pitch, with the following coming out on top:

  • Sundance Channel:"Party Doctor" from Jake Greene (Nashville, TN)
  • MSN and Eyeboogie: “Carlos and the Games of Seduction” from Greg Burke and Lou Perez (New York, NY)
  • SevenOne International and Red Arrow Entertainment Group:“A Week With My Father” from Giacomo Knox (Los Angeles, CA)

2011 Independent Pilot Competition (IPC) Sponsored Awards

  • FX “There Is No Box” Comedy Award: “Josh Jennings for Congress” from Nathan Gotsch (Los Angeles, CA)
  • IFC “Out of the Box” Award: “St. James St. James Presents: Delirium Cinema” from Ross Patterson (Los Angeles, CA)
  • MTV “Voice and Vision” Animation Awards for Writing and Animation: “Pound Dogs” from Mike Salva (Nashville, TN)
  • Syfy Digital Studio “Imagine Greater” Award: “Odessa” from Al Thompson (New York, NY)

Additional IPC Award Winners

  • NYTVF Critics Award: “Redesigning Your Life with Lainey Chase” from Eric Cyphers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Bing Audience Award: “I Hate Being Single” from Rob Michael Hugel (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Best Comedy Pilot: “Duder” from Matt Kirsch (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Best Drama Pilot: “Finding Hope” from Diane Namm (Malibu, CA)
  • Best Animation Pilot: “Cafe Bloodbath” from Matt Cook and Carlo Johnson (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Best Dramedy Pilot: “15 Minutes” from Bobby Salomon (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Best Family Programming Pilot: “Ruby Skye P.I.” from Jill Golick (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Best Web Series Pilot: “Vice, Inc.” from Sean Skelton (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Best Nonscripted Pilot: “Dinner Party Crashers” from Bo Vongsakoun (Denver, CO)
  • Actress in a Comedy: Jackie Debatin in “Redesigning Your Life with Lainey Chase”
  • Actress in a Drama or Dramedy: Rene Ashton in “MILF Money”
  • Actor in a Comedy: (tie) Chris O'Neill and Paul Valenti in “The Chris and Paul Show”
  • Actor in a Drama or Dramedy: Al Thompson in “Odessa”
  • Nonscripted Character or Host: Christophe for “Heavy Metal Nanny” (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Best Directing: Mark Gray and Scotty Weil for “Meter Men” (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Best Writing: Joseph Saroufim and Debbie Singer for “OB/GY Anne” (Santa Monica, CA)

Descriptions of all the IPC selections can be found below, with video trailers available at the NYTVF’s official YouTube channel.

2011 Official Selections


The New York Television Festival is proud to announce the following 48 Official Selections to the 2011 Independent Pilot Competition.

Check out the trailers! Visit the NYTVF Media Showcase.

Scheduling information and ticket reservation will be available in early September at the NYTVF Box Office.

Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to our 2011 Artists!

15 Minutes (Dramedy)
Created by: Bobby Salomon - Los Angeles, CA
John Larroquette and Gossip Girl's Sam Page star with Tara Summers (Boston Legal, Damages) in this pilot following a high-profile Hollywood PR Firm and its well-connected and mostly well-intentioned publicists.
The Adventures of Chipman and Biscuit Boy (Animated Children's Comedy)
Created by: Darren Moroney and David Smith - Perth, Australia
Australian creators Darren Moroney and David Smith take viewers into a world occupied by food items come to life and where potato chip brothers Chipman and Chipler run rival costume emporiums. Seinfeld's 'The Soup Nazi' (Larry Thomas) joins in on the fun.
All The Wrong Reasons (Comedy)
Created by: James Grosch - Los Angeles, CA
Three roommates, all recently dumped by their girlfriends, launch a foolproof plan to enter the entertainment industry in order to search for new love interests.
At Your Convenience (Comedy) Student Submission
Created by: Raymond Lai and Randall Park - Long Beach, CA (University of Southern California)
Supah Ninjas' Randall Park and comedian Dwayne Perkins (Comedy Central Presents, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) star in this USC graduate project chronicling the misadventures of lifelong buddies who own and operate a convenience store in a world where crack is whack and believing in tiny horses just requires a little perspective.
Bandgirlfriends (Comedy)
Created by: Libby Winters and Emily Axford - Brooklyn, NY
Emily Axford and American Idiot's Libby Winters do whatever it takes to bring fame and success to their boyfriends' band in the bizarre world of indie rock.
Bear Force One (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Andy Mogren - Los Angeles, CA
In this satire of airplane/hijacking films, bears take over the President's airplane, and it's up to the Commander in Chief, a secret service guard, and a flight attendant to regain control. This pilot was awarded the LA Comedy Shorts Film Fest's "Funny or Die Best of the Fest" Grand Prize.
Between Rock and a Hard Place (Nonscripted Docu-drama)
Created by: Daniel Bucci - Hartford, CT
Follow the adventure, mischief and unpredictable action inside the legendary Chance Theater complex in Poughkeepsie, NY as well as all the behind the scenes business of heavy metal rock and its cast of out of this world characters.
Blue Collar Eats (Nonscripted Food Show)
Created by: Nick Morrison - New York, NY
Comedians and food lovers Eli Newell (Delocated) and Billy Merritt (Upright Citizens Brigade) travel the country in search of working class food, learn how to make a meal at each destination and challenge their teachers to a cooking showdown.
Cafe Bloodbath (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Matt Cook and Carlo Johnson - Brooklyn, NY
An animated series that explores the freakish crowd at a hip college cafe run by a vampire.
The Chris and Paul Show (Sketch Comedy)
Created by: Nick Mathis, Chris O'Neill and Paul Valenti - New York, NY
Creators Nick Mathis, Chris O'Neill, and Paul Valenti give you exactly what you've always wanted out of sketch comedy - dramatic and bizarre sketches about death, loss, neglect, drug abuse, and erratic behavior.
Coyotes (Drama) Student Submission
Created by: Katrina Mathewson - Orange, CA (Chapman University)
Coyotes follows Carlos, a Mexican-American teenager who struggles to lead a normal life and simultaneously help his parents smuggle immigrants across the border.
Crib Notes (Children’s Comedy)
Created by: Joe Narciso - South Orange, NJ
Two-time NYTVF Alum Joe Narciso turns classic novels into comedic musicals with his pilot, Crib Notes.
Dead Ringo (Action Anime)
Created by: Eddie Mort - Los Angeles, CA
Eddie Mort (¡Mucha Lucha!) animates this timely tale following Ringo, a slain Iga ninja, who is sent back to Earth to rid the land of the demons.
Dinner Party Crashers (Nonscripted Cooking Competition)
Created by: Bo Vongsakoun - Denver, CO
Two competitive brothers, both award-winning chefs, ambush a dinner party and compete to win over the party guests' taste buds with a three-course meal made exclusively from ingredients found in the host's kitchen.
Duder (Comedy)
Created by: Matt Kirsch - Brooklyn, NY
Two 'duders,' Ricky and Glen, would rather sit around arguing about minutia than plan their futures and in doing so get themselves into increasingly awkward situations.
Farley + Floto (Nonscripted)
Created by: Topaz Adizes, Joshua Farley, Jeremy Floto & Matthew C. Mills - Brooklyn, NY
Farley and Floto are industrial designers/builders based in New York that travel the world salvaging old goods and restoring them to perfection, installing their reimagined pieces in the country's sexiest restaurants, art galleries, retail stores and private homes.
Finding Hope (Drama)
Created by: Diane Namm - Malibu, CA
Molly Quinn (Castle) and Richard Riehle (Office Space, Grounded for Life) star in this dramatic series about a teenager on the run from her maniacal husband and his network of thugs who follow his orders with a cult-like obedience.
Fish Out Of Water: Joyride (Comedy)
Created by: Ben Barnes and Joel Huggins, Developed for Television by Matthew C. Mills - Brooklyn, NY
Follow Fish, the slippery 2'11'' protagonist, as he is forced to talk his way out of a traffic ticket in a show that features plenty of law-breaking, yarn-spinning, and stunt puppetry.
Fishy Business (Comedy)
Created by: Jake Greene - Nashville, TN
Fishy Business is a workplace comedy following an egomaniacal CEO and two rival record executives at a children's entertainment company as it branches into the music business.
Half-Share (Comedy)
Created by: Sean Hanley and Jesse Archer - Jackson Heights, NY
Newcomer Mac struggles to fit in with his summer-share housemates on Fire Island in this comedy starring Sam Pancake (Kitchen Confidential) and Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty).
Heavy Metal Nanny (Nonscripted Docu-drama)
Created by: Marti Mattox and Randy Bobbitt - Los Angeles, CA
Created by NYTVF Alumni, Heavy Metal Nanny follows a heavily-tattooed French nanny as he splits his time between caring for a mom's toddler and rocking out in a heavy metal band.
I Hate Being Single (Comedy)
Created by: Rob Michael Hugel - Brooklyn, NY
Created by sketch comedy and web series mainstay Rob Michael Hugel, I Hate Being Single follows a freshly dumped 20-something as he struggles to find his place in the confusing world of friends, relationships, parties, and dating in Brooklyn.
Jordan and Quinn (Comedy)
Created by: Quinn Beswick and Jordan VanDina - Los Angeles, CA
Jordan and Quinn can be best described as live action cartoon, chronicling the lives of two roommates who refuse to adhere to any social norms or conventions.
Josh Jennings for Congress (Comedy)
Created by: Nathan Gotsch - Los Angeles, CA
Just in time for 2012, Ashley Johnson (Growing Pains), Johnny Pemberton (MTV's Megadrive), and Martin Kove (The Karate Kid) are part of a stellar cast in Josh Jennings for Congress, where an unemployed, yet clumsily charismatic slacker decides to run for Congress against a slimy incumbent.
Meter Men (Comedy)
Created by: Scotty Weil - Los Angeles, CA
Wiley Gray Productions takes you into the seedy underbelly of California's small-crime kingpins, as two 1978 undercover parking cops and a Vietnamese hooker chase down the country's most wanted parking violators and ticket dodgers.
MID: Murder Investigation Unit (Comedy)
Created by: Dirk Voetberg - Valley Village, CA
MID: Murder Investigation Unit is the last line of defense between La Canada-Flintridge's honest, hard-working citizens and the depraved murderers who skulk in the city's midnight shadows and shade-night meadows.
Milf Money (Dramedy)
Created by: René Ashton - Los Angeles, CA
Missi Pyle (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Galaxy Quest, The Sarah Silverman Program), Brian Krause (Charmed), and Patrick Muldoon (Melrose Place, Days of Our Lives) star in this dramedy following three struggling, single suburban moms (and a pastor's wife) as they embrace a new (but very old) professionÉprostitution.
Night of the Zombie King (Dramedy)
Created by: David Nett - North Hollywood, CA
Created by NYTVF Alum David Nett (GOLD: The Series), Night of the Zombie King is a The Big Chill story for nerds and a tribute to the geeky wonderful world of role-playing gamers.
OB/GY Anne (Comedy)
Created by: Joseph Saroufim and Debbie Singer - Santa Monica, CA
Dr. Anne Savage, is a smart and funny (yet perpetually single) gynecologist desperately attempting to curtail her romantic and sexual misadventures. Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks, Inglorious Basterds) and Jim Turner (Arli$$) star.
Odessa (Sci-Fi Drama)
Created by: Al Thompson - New York, NY
Two-time NYTVF Alum Al Thompson stars in the sci-fi drama Odessa, which follows the story of a father and daughter migrating from town to town, escaping a "program" which performed experiments on them.
Paid Programming (Comedy)
Created by: John Mokate - Chicago, IL
Greg Holliman (Strangers with Candy) stars in Paid Programming, which follows a low budget production company and the relationships the crew develops with their off-beat, bizarre clients.
Papillon (Comedy)
Created by: Catherine Tait and Paul Quarrington - Toronto, ON, Canada
Climb aboard an ultra, ultra low budget airline with Kids in the Hall's Kevin McDonald, as patrons discover new meanings for phrases like "no frills" and "in-flight movie".
Pound Dogs (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Mike Salva - Nashville, TN
Two dogs in a shelter discuss the trivialities of life in the pound as they wait to be adopted in this animated comedy starring the voice of Andy Merrill (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost Coast to Coast) and created by NYTVF Alum Mike Salva (Max The Hero).
Powerless (Drama)
Created by: Thom Woodley and Johnny North - Brooklyn, NY
Starring Kelli Giddish (NBC's Chase) and created by NYTVF alum Thom Woodley (Greg & Donny), three hikers stray from the Appalachian Trail discover that electrical power has gone out indefinitely all over the world.
Re-Committed (Comedy) Student Submission
Created by: Marcus Tortorici - Tuscaloosa, AL (University of Alabama)
Re-Committed, produced in an Advanced Television Production class at the University of Alabama, follows a delusional teenager who, with the help of his best (imaginary) friend, navigates the tricky world of high school.
Redesigning Your Life With Lainey Chase (Comedy)
Created by: Eric Cyphers - West Hollywood, CA
Lainey Chase (The Office's Jackie Debatin) was a celebrity trendsetting designer and tastemaker until her spectacular public meltdown, and she's going to have to use her own unique combination of seduction, bribery, manipulation, begging and force to pull herself out of her pit of humiliation.
Ruby Skye P.I. (Children’s Comedy)
Created by: Jill Golick - Toronto, ON, Canada
Ruby Skye P.I. is fast-paced and funny mystery web-series for tweens.
Sad On Vacation (Sketch Comedy)
Created by: Jon Barinholtz, Mort Burke, Wes Haney, George McAuliffe, Conner O’Malley, Andrew Peyton, Mark Vannier, Sam Weiner, and Chris Witaske - Chicago, IL
Chicago sketch comedy troupe 'Sad on Vacation' are highlighted in this surreal sketch comedy show exploring modern life and taking on the everyday experiences of 21st century America, from mindless memes to vacant fashion trends, and filtering them through a twisted lens of absurdity.
Space Jaunt (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Zachary Hanes - Austin, TX
Space Jaunt is a whimsically animated adventure following untrained and naive Victorians as they explore space to find the spheres of heaven but instead fall into misadventures involving various horrific aliens.
Sports Battle (Nonscripted Sports Show)
Created by: Dawn C. Benjamin, Cee French Harth and Paul Harth - Jersey City, New Jersey
Join the conversation as three pre-teen sports wunderkinds host a show sharing their opinions and going head to head to discuss the goings-on in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and more.
St. James St. James Presents: Delirium Cinema (Comedy)
Created by: Ross Patterson - Los Angeles, CA
Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), Danny Trejo (Machete), Bryan Callen (MADtv), and Alanna Ubach (Legally Blonde) star in an all-star cast anthology series featuring the films of crackpot child director St. James St. James whose only rule is there are no rules (and there are also some rules).
Sweet Misery (Comedy)
Created by: Will Bozarth and Nate Williams - New York, NY
Sweet Misery is a single camera comedy that follows the story of two commercials actors living in New York and their entertainingly eccentric circle of artist friends, as they try to find love, success, and happiness. With special guest star Matt Oberg (Onion SportsDome, Ugly Americans).
Time Traveling Finger (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Stephen Leonard - Los Angeles, CA
NYTVF Alum Stephen Leonard (A Guy and His Beaver) created and stars in this animated comedy where a girl sends things back in time with her magical finger, always inadvertently affecting the present.
Two Jasperjohns (Comedy)
Created by: Vinny Lopez - Brooklyn, NY
Two Jasperjohns follows the ridiculous trials and self-made tribulations of nine gay brothers from Ohio who are now living in New York. Whose last names are Jasperjohns. And two of them live together.
Vice, Inc. (Comedy)
Created by: Sean Skelton - New York, NY
Richard Kind (Spin City, Mad About You) and Craig Bierko (Sex and the City, Damages) star in this show about a hedge fund that invests in "sin stocks" and is run by a trust fund kid who has a wild passion for vice, sin and general debauchery.
The Weatherman (Comedy)
Created by: Lucas Crandles and Tim Nash - Melbourne, Australia
NYTVF Alumni Lucas Crandles and Tim Nash bring The Weatherman to this year's Festival. The series follows the most insecure man on Australian television as he desperately tries to find relevance in an increasingly hostile TV world.
Whole Day Down (Comedy)
Created by: Tai Fauci and Patrick Breen - Culver City, CA
Willie Garson (White Collar, Sex and the City), Elisa Donovan (Clueless, Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Patrick Breen (Galaxy Quest) star in this web-series about two inept art enthusiasts who try to open their own gallery.
World of LARP (Nonscripted)
Created by: Victor Varnado - New York, NY
Created by comedian Victor Varnado (Premium Blend, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live), World of LARP is an original documentary series that follows real people on a fantastic adventure...with rubber swords and plastic armor.

The New York Television Festival was founded in 2005 as the industry’s first creative festival for television artists. A pioneer of the “independent television” movement, the Festival strives to construct new and innovative paths of development and talent identification, while simultaneously complementing the traditional television development model.