The NYTVF is a pioneer of the independent television movement, connecting its community of artists with leading networks, studios, agencies, production companies, and brands.

The Independent Pilot Competition (IPC) is the NYTVF’s flagship, annual competition, accepting independently-produced, original television pilots and web series from around the globe.


IPC submissions should be between 4 and 22 minutes in length, and all genres are welcome (Comedy, Unscripted, Drama, Family, Animation, etc). If submitting an unscripted/docu-series pilot, sizzle reels and/or character tapes are allowed. Official Selections in the IPC have the exclusive opportunity to screen in competition at the annual New York Television Festival, held each fall in NYC. IPC Official Selections are also eligible for the competition's category and individual achievement awards as well as guaranteed development deals from Festival Development Partners.


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2013 Independent Pilot Competition Awards

Watch all the IPC Selections HERE

“Best of the Fest”:

Created by: Stephen Soroka and Nic Rad (New York, NY)

NYTVF Audience Award:

Created by: Stephen Soroka and Nic Rad (New York, NY)

NYTVF Critics Award:

Killer Moves
Created by: Ben Hillyar, David Mayes, and Tim Partridge (Beconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England)

Best Comedy Pilot:

Created by: Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano (New York, NY)

Best Drama or Dramedy Pilot:

Created by: Johnny Kenton (London, England)

Best Web Series:

Escape from Brooklyn
Created by: Sue Galloway and Megan Neuringer (New York, NY)

Best Unscripted Pilot:

Anything You Can Do
Created by: Omar Kenawi and Martina Kabelkova (London, England)

Best Actress: Alison Rich

Created by: Alison Rich and Andrew Law (New York, NY)

Best Actor: (tie) Peyton Brown, Brian Hurwitz, Josh Segovia, and Tyler Smith

Exquisite Corpse
Created by: Peyton Brown, Brian Hurwitz, Josh Segovia, and Tyler Smith (Chicago, IL)

Best Directing: Todd Bieber

Created by: Laura Grey and Jordan Klepper (New York, NY)

Best Writing: Justin Neufeld, Mark Spacek, Galen Church and Bill Wise

Created by: Justin Neufeld, Mark Spacek, and Galen Church (Austin, TX)



Descriptions and trailers for all IPC selections can be found below.

2013 Official Selections


The New York Television Festival is proud to announce the following 47 Official Selections to the 2013 Independent Pilot Competition.

The pilots selected for this year’s IPC represent talented writers, producers and actors from across the U.S. – including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Philadelphia and Santa Fe – as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and the U.K.

Additionally, they feature a number of names and faces recognizable to TV fans, including Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live), David Wain (Stella, The State, Childrens Hospital, Wet Hot American Summer, Wanderlust, Role Models), Alyssa Milano (Mistresses, Charmed), John Lutz (30 Rock), Keith Powell (30 Rock), James Kyson (Heroes), Randall Park (Veep), Anthony Head (Merlin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Jeremiah Bitsui (Breaking Bad), Steven Michael Quezada (Breaking Bad), Sue Galloway (30 Rock), Shanola Hampton (Shameless), Kate Burton (Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy) and more.


Use the tabs below to view the 47 Official Selections from the 2013 Independent Pilot Competition:


Further information on each pilot, including links to trailers where available, are below.


Animated Pilots


Animals (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano – New York, NY
This animated comedy is all about the overlooked non-humans native to planet Earth's least habitable environment: New York City.
Cool Cars and Science (Animated Comedy)
Created by: Matt B. Weir – New York, NY
A cool-car designer and a famous scientist must defeat the Mutant Mob by combining the seemingly incompatible fields of car designing and science in this animated short series.
Nate and Abe (Comedy)
Created by: Keith Powell – New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA
Two high school freshmen (and best friends) have to navigate the world of perverted principals, racist parents, gay bullies, and obnoxiously large-breasted cheerleaders on the road to adulthood.

close animation

Comedy Pilots



Atrabilious (Comedy)
Created by: Kevin Coyle – New York, NY
After a particularly bad breakup, a guy spends a year getting over his relationship hang-ups and works to move on.
Boystown (Comedy)
Created by: Brian Glidewell – New York, NY
After meeting on the worst night out ever, three gay twenty-somethings (a hopeless romantic, a cynical slacker, and a closet case) navigate their friendships and love lives, which might be one in the same.
Broken Up (Comedy)
Created by: Tanisha Long – New York, NY
Newly-single Noah tries to reassemble her life after going through what she thinks was the worst break-up of her life.
The Brothers Sisters (Comedy)
Created by: Jess Lane – Los Angeles, CA
The Brothers sisters don't get along, but they are brought together when their estranged father tells them they have another sister. Oh, Brother!
Classless (Comedy)
Created by: James Coker and Nick Bernardone – New York, NY
After college, three slacker roommates return to their former high school as faculty members, still struggling with the concept of 'growing up.'
Compulsive Love (Comedy)
Created by: Adam Szymkowicz – New York, NY
A hopeless romantic falls madly in love with a new girl every episode. And then he falls out of love. Or she falls out of love. Relationships!
Date of the Month Club (Relationship Comedy)
Created by: Blythe Haaga, Ben Fast – Chicago, IL
Done with the perils of online dating, Emma starts the Date of the Month Club, a personal pledge to be set up by her friends and family, going on one date each month with someone new.
Disenchanted (Comedy)
Created by: Justin Neufeld, Mark Spacek, and Galen Church – Austin, TX
Oversized personalities run rampant at the struggling "Enchanted Forest" Renaissance faire as three Millennials strive to fit in at their new part-time jobs.
Engaged (Comedy)
Created by: Laura Grey and Jordan Klepper – New York, NY
Laura and Jordan navigate the dark underbelly of the wedding industrial complex.
Escape from Brooklyn (Comedy)
Created by: Sue Galloway and Megan Neuringer – New York, NY
With the help of a hitchhiker hipster, Jen attempts to get from Brooklyn into Manhattan, running into kooky cohorts and mishaps along the way.
Exquisite Corpse (Sketch Comedy)
Created by: Peyton Brown, Brian Hurwitz, Josh Segovia, and Tyler Smith – Chicago, IL
This sketch comedy show creates cinematic, intermingling realities and absurd characters that all flow together to create one twisted world.
Family Heirloom (Comedy)
Created by: Jeff Murdoch and Jo Scott – Chicago, IL
A brother and sister work together to save their family’s failing antique shop, where local patrons are as priceless as the merchandise.
Good Cop Great Cop (Comedy)
Created by: Matt Porter and Charlie Hankin – Brooklyn, NY
In this oddball sketch series, two bored friends explore the darkly absurd world around them.
Good Dads (Comedy)
Created by: Michael Kayne, Nathan Russell, Zack Phillips, and Adam Sacks – Brooklyn, NY
Three young fathers take on the world of parenthood and kick its butt, exploring the dark humor in the everyday lives of new parents.
Grilling in the City (Cooking Show/Comedy)
Created by: Nate Starkey – New York, NY
A dude and his ne'er do well friends cookin' in NYC.
Hank Frisco: Galaxy Defender (Comedy/Sci-fi/Adventure)
Created by: Matt Kelley, Joe DeJulius, Scott Lynch, and Patrick Fee – Chicago, IL
An overconfident space captain, his loyal assistant, and their sassy robot travel the universe in search of grey matter to save a dying planet Earth.
Hot and Bothered (Comedy)
Created by: Jake Green – Los Angeles, CA
The lives of three smart and desperate women are disrupted by their new roommate, Brian. This idiot-genius transforms their Crate and Barrel apartment into a creative laboratory for songwriters and musicians.
Incognito (Comedy)
Created by: Alison Rich and Andrew Law – New York, NY
Andrew and Alison are two idiot friends in the Witness Protection Program who are more concerned with making the most of their fun new fantasy lives than staying out of harm's way.
Killer Moves (Comedy)
Created by: Ben Hillyar, David Mayes, and Tim Partridge – Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK
Jason is a shy but caring contract killer who's fallen hopelessly for his new next-door neighbor Lisa, a police officer in search of adventure.
The Laces (Sketch Comedy)
Created by: Leonardo Adrian Garcia – Chicago, IL
The Laces is a group of five writers/performers exploring the absurdity of life through heartfelt, bizarre, crass, sometimes nonsensical sketches, and they all happen to be women.
Model Wife (Comedy)
Created by: Cory Cavin, Bill G. Grandberg, and Josh Lay – New York, NY
An average guy, his supermodel wife, and the two neighbors who won't leave them alone embark on a series of adventures.
Re:Verse (Comedy)
Created by: Stephen Soroka and Nic Rad – New York, NY
After becoming riveted by the theory of the multiverse (every choice creates a new reality), Pippa unexpectedly quits law school and moves to New York. In some universes, she knows exactly what she wants. This is not that universe.
Room and Bored (Comedy)
Created by: Nick Nelson and David Guthrie – Toronto, ON, Canada
When an uptight intellectual moves in with an unemployed actor, personalities clash as they grapple with girls, bosses, and first-world existentialism.
Saving the Human Race (For Menneskeheten) (Coming of Age Comedy/Horror)
Created by: Jim Garvey and Stian Hafstad – Bergen, Norway
Amidst a zombie apocalypse, the last boy on earth and his robot friend seek out the last woman in order to repopulate the planet.
Sharing (Comedy)
Created by: Damian Lanigan – Brooklyn, NY
The occupants of a contemporary shared workspace in Gowanus, Brooklyn face the challenges of running their own businesses, dealing with inter-personal conflicts and forming surprising alliances.
The Startup (Comedy)
Created by: John Thibodeaux and Kevin Walsh – Chicago, IL
After two years working under his kid-CEO brother, whose game has skyrocketed to the #1 spot in the App Store, Jason Williams is beginning to wonder: what’s next?
Super Chill (Comedy)
Created by: Greg Ash and Vin Shambry – Portland, OR
Idealistic misfits Greg, a struggling British writer, and Vin, an aspiring local actor, travel around Portland, meeting new people and making new friends.
Uninspired (Comedy)
Created by: Becky Yamamoto – Brooklyn, NY
When she gets laid off from her dumb job, Sarah finds herself unwilling to embrace adulthood and attempting to escape it any way she can.
Very Smart Brothas (Urban Comedy)
Created by: Damon Young, Panama Jackson, and Andrea Thornton – Los Angeles, CA
Two bloggers fumble through their own dating mishaps while making a successful living as relationship experts.
Welcome to Anhedonia (Comedy)
Created by: Kevin J. Kelly – Philadelphia, PA
Ambitious half-man/half-puppet Jef Connectorkit and his three puppet roommates embark on a series of exciting adventures.

Drama Pilots



AB- (Psychological Thriller/Horror)
Created by: Daniel Klein – Chicago, IL
Nothing is what it seems and everything is on the (operating) table in this psychological thriller.
Body Politic (Drama)
Created by: Steve Rousseau – Los Angeles, CA
Joe Nevin is suddenly a player in the upcoming Los Angeles mayoral race in a fast-paced drama that examines ambition, ego, truth, and lies through the lens of current infotainment and social media news.
Chasing the Green (Drama)
Created by: Zach Baz, Lee Goldstein, and Mike Goldstein – Los Angeles, CA
For golfer Alex Wiley, getting his life and career back on par is an everyday struggle. Will he falter, or can he hustle his way back to destiny?
Doorman (Dramedy)
Created by: Chris Russell – New York, NY
An aspiring writer struggles to make ends meet during his day job as a doorman for a busy hotel, dealing with snobby tourists, belligerent cabbies, punk teenagers, and the harsh streets of New York City.
Henry (Dramedy)
Created by: Alain Alfaro – New York, NY
When meeting with an old high school friend, Henry finds himself roped into a sticky situation in this dramedy set against the backdrop of New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood.
Hereafter (Thriller/Sci-fi/Drama)
Created by: Johnny Kenton – London, England, UK
In a not-too-distant future, a young girl attempts to pass brutal initiations to join the genetically modified police force known as "The Guardians."
In Between Men (Dramedy)
Created by: Quincy Morris – New York, NY
Four urban professionals from different walks of life and differing sexualities (who do not fit into the lives and perceptions expected of them) live, work and play in New York City.
Millions (Drama)
Created by: Andrew Chung – Toronto, ON, Canada
A crew decides to make good on a pact they made as teenagers: to do whatever it takes to become millionaires before they turn 30.
Red Clay (Crime Drama)
Created by: Mark Ennis – Santa Fe, NM
Leonard Lightfeather, a mob enforcer from a remote reservation in New Mexico, makes a split-second decision that not only has drastic repercussions for his family and his business, but also catches the attention of a deadly Mexican cartel.
Who Killed Jessica Lane? (Teen Drama/Thriller)
Created by: Mitchell Fitzpatrick – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
With suspects and clues around every corner, three friends attempt to uncover the mystery of who led their best friend to her untimely death.

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Unscripted Pilots



Anything You Can Do (Factual Entertainment)
Created by: Omar Kenawi and Martina Kabelkova – London, England, UK
In this lifestyle competition show, two teams from opposite ends of the same profession must change places and master new skills in an alien world.
Mike and Andrew Try To Lose Some Weight (Unscripted Comedy)
Created by: Ramiro Castro Jr. and Andrew Rollins Dewitt – Los Angeles, CA
Fat Comedians Andrew Dewitt and Mike Bridenstine try insane exercises to shed a few pounds.
Werewolf (Game Show)
Created by: David Seger, Tom Kauffman, and Paul Isakson – Los Angeles, CA
Ten celebrities and comedians work to uncover the werewolves among them in a (parlor) game of murder, deception, and mob justice.
Why Willy Why (Comedy)
Created by: Will Julian and Eli Cohn – New York, NY
A mid-twenties man takes on a series of mental and physical challenges in an effort to prove that determination is all that's needed to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

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