Artist FAQ

As an NYTVF Official Artist, you’ll be given access to top industry executives, opportunities to pitch networks, invitations to Artist-only mixers and events, and much more. But first, you have to get in.



How do I become an Official Artist?

To become an Official Artist, you need to submit a project to a specific competition or initiative and have it designated as an ‘NYTVF Official Selection.’


What are NYTVF Official Selections?

Official Selection status is applied to the following types of projects:

Once your project is designated as an Official Selection, you will be an Official Artist and receive the following:

  • Invitation to attend the week-long Festival
  • Eligibility to win any of our sponsored Festival Development Deals
  • Opportunity to participate in NYTVF Connect

What is NYTVF Connect?

NYTVF Connect encapsulates all of the Artist Events at the New York Television Festival. It provides Official Artists at the festival the unique opportunity to meet, pitch, network, and collaborate with the top decision makers from the nearly 60 networks, studios, agencies, production companies, and brands that are in pursuit of fresh new voices over a six day festival.


The program encompasses four unique opportunities that are each designed to maximize Festival participation for artists and executives, providing them with the tools to network, build relationships and collaborate on projects.


NYTVF Connect is free to all Official Artists, and access cannot be purchased. Only Official Artists are eligible to participate.



nytvf connect



Executive Access:

Launched in 2010, Executive Access is a program designed to put the independent content showcased at the festival in the hands of network, agency, and studio executives and to serve as a mechanism for those decision-makers to interact with the creators in meetings arranged and coordinated by Festival organizers. Sponsors receive copies of all Official Selections and have the opportunity to identify the projects and artists with whom they would like to meet at the Festival. Executive Access is a streamlined interaction model to provide both artists and executives a space to network, build relationships, and collaborate on future projects.


NYTVF Pitch:

NYTVF Pitch is a unique opportunity for Official Artists to submit NEW SHOW CONCEPTS based on creative briefs provided by participating networks and studios. Finalists chosen from the submissions have the opportunity to pitch their idea directly to development executives at the corresponding network or studio during the annual Festival. Each Pitch Partner awards a guaranteed development deal.


Industry Development Chats:

Development Chats are half-hour Q&A’s with executives, agents, and important decision-makers in the television community. They give Artists a forum in which to gain insight and ask questions about the current state of the industry.


Happy Hours and Networking Mixers:

Happy Hours and Networking Mixers are an opportunity for Official Artists to mingle with fellow creators in a more casual and friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect time to meet new people creating independent content and work towards future collaboration. Some Happy Hours are open to General Public.


nytvf connect



2018 Festival Stats


Festival-facilitated Development Deals


Total number of submissions received for consideration in the NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition, NYTVF Scripts, and stand-alone sponsored development initiatives in 2017


Projects chosen as Official Selections in 2017


Official Artists attending the festival


Number of Executive Access meetings and NYTVF Pitch meetings that were facilitated by NYTVF organizers between Official Artists and participating industry decision-makers as part of NYTVF Connect


Events, including screenings and free premieres, panels, and networking events open to the general public during the week of the Festival


Artist-Only Events providing NYTVF’s class of 2017 Official Artists with exclusive access to NYTVF Industry Partners

What our Artists have to say:


"The NYTVF is an amazing festival that gives independent TV creators actual results! The vibe is awesome and the festival is an amazing learning experience. If you are a serious independent TV creator then you have to do this festival."

Nick Armstrong, NYTVF Pitch Winner (Bio), AMC’s Story Notes

"The NYTVF truly was the launching pad for me. It's extremely difficult in this business to even get your material read, and the NYTVF created a venue in which that would happen. It's so hard to break into this industry, but the NYTVF cracked the door for me and so many others."

Andrew Shafer, Producer – The Mark Gordon Company

"Submitting to NYTVF was one of the best things I've ever done. The team at NYTVF treats their artists like family. If you are at NYTVF then you have the support of an entire community at your back. These are people that want to see you succeed and they give you every opportunity to do so."

Joseph Saroufim, Creative Executive – CAA

"Take advantage of everything NYTVF offers -- the meetings, the events, etc. They are all great learning experiences, and might actually land you a deal."

James Lester, Series Editor – AMC's The Making of the Mob: New York, Producer - CNN's Chicagoland

"The NYTVF is a great place for both meeting industry professionals and other artists and a great opportunity to receive feedback on your project."

Diane Namm, Writer/Director/Producer – Lady of the Canyon Productions

"The NYTVF is by far one of the best run and most impactful festivals we've been a part of."

Scott McCabe and Tory Stanton, Co-Creators – The CW's No Tomorrow

"[The NYTVF] was that first confidence building step and validation that helped me to continue working hard and ferociously (when I'm not sitting on my couch watching TV)."

Michael Cyril Creighton, Writer's Guild Award Winner – Jack in a Box, Featured Actor – Louie, Orange is the New Black