The New York Television Festival is a true launching pad for the careers of young artists. It is one of the few festivals I've been a part of that is actually centered around the Artists. Both the quality of their experience AND furthering their careers. We came out of the NYTVF with more opportunities than we could ever have hoped for."

- Richard Keith, Co-Creator, The CW’s Life Sentence

To find out more about submitting to the NYTVF, click HERE, and check out the Top 10 Reasons to Submit on the NYTVF Blog.


Artist Benefits

If a project you create is named an Official Selection (either as a finalist/semi-finalist in a sponsored initiative or selected for the competition slate in the annual Independent Pilot Competition), you are invited to participate in the Festival as an Official Artist. Official Artists receive free accreditation for the annual Festival (held each year in Manhattan) where they will enjoy exclusive access to NYTVF Connect.


For more information about the annual Festival, click HERE.

For more information on NYTVF Connect, click HERE.


Development Deals

In addition to the growing NYTVF Connect Marketplace, Official Artists are also eligible for Development Deals offered by the Fest's Development Partners. These deals, offered to a guaranteed number of projects each year, provide participating artists with a streamlined model for industry engagement and collaboration.


NYTVF-facilitated deals are made available through the following:


Sponsored Initiatives

Throughout the year, the NYTVF collaborates with networks, studios, and brands to provide exclusive submission opportunities for indie creators to get into business with industry partners. These sponsored initiatives allow creators to tailor their original projects with a particular partner in mind. In each case, the partner guarantees a deal for at least one project selected. For more information and to view past Sponsored Initiatives at the NYTVF, click HERE.


Festival Development Deals

By submitting to any NYTVF competition or initiative, your project may be eligible for a Festival Development Deal from a selection of partners. For more information on Festival Development Deals and to view past examples, visit the main page HERE.



Open exclusively to Artists whose projects have gotten them into the Festival as part of NYTVF Connect, Pitch is a unique opportunity for Official Artists to submit NEW SHOW CONCEPTS based on creative briefs provided by participating networks and studios. To read more about Pitch and NYTVF Connect, visit the Artist Experience page HERE.


“If you are looking for a Festival that makes deals happen, NYTVF is the one. It's refreshing to see deals actually happen and not just a lot of people talking about making them happen."

- Guy Georgeson, MSN Short Form Storytellers Winner

“Have at least three other ideas in your back pocket, including a reality show or a game show. You never know when a connection might lead to selling something entirely different."

- Christine Lakin, Creator and Star - Lovin' Lakin, Actress - Step By Step



In addition to benefits throughout the year and during the week of the Festival, the NYTVF also presents Category and Individual Awards to outstanding projects and people in the Independent Pilot Competition, the NYTVF's flagship initiative. Category and Individual Achievement awards include:

  • Best Animation, Comedy, Drama/Dramedy, Unscripted Pilots
  • Best Short-Form Pilot
  • Best Actor/Actress
  • Outstanding Writing
  • Outstanding Direction
  • Outstanding Editing

The NYTVF also presents a 'Best of the Fest' award, which honors the pilot that is exemplary of quality content in every way along with the NYTVF Critics Award which is voted on by a TV critics jury.


In addition, NYTVF Scripts finalists are eligible for the NYTVF Scripts ‘Best of the Fest’ award, honoring a script of outstanding quality and writing.


What our Artists have to say:


"As an independent writer/producer of television content, I’ve hit almost every festival possible that offers a “television pilot” competition. There is not one festival that compares to the NYTVF. The level of talent, the events, the organization, the supportive, friendly smiling faces of the staff, the caliber of industry who attend, give panels, take meetings, view the pilots and give development deals makes for an amazing opportunity to learn, network and actually sell your show. It truly is THE BEST festival ever!"

René Ashton, Vh1 ‘Theory of Creativity’ Award Winner, Featured Actress – Suburgatory, Supergirl

"The NYTVF is one of the most thoroughly helpful festivals I have ever been a part of. From the meetings and contacts to the festival screenings and classes there is so much to do, and it's all set up to help the artists. And free beer."

Ash Louis, Creator – The Dangerous Wanderings of C. Philip Montgomery

"The NYTVF is an invaluable opportunity for emerging artists to get their work seen. Each project is treated with the utmost attention and respect. We are so grateful for the experience. The NYTVF gave our project a life we never expected!"

Jacey Heldrich, MTV Comedy Development Deal Winner

“The [NYTVF] came at the perfect time in my career where I felt ready to make an impact but couldn’t get anyone in the business to read my stuff. After we won [The FOX Comedy Script Contest], I started getting meetings that seemed impossible before. We also got to develop our pilot with FOX and 20th TV, which was an incredible experience. I’ve since been staffed on broadcast comedies at NBC and, currently, at CBS.”

Austen Earl, Co-Executive Producer - 9JKL, The Great Indoors

"The NYTVF was my first big break into TV, and set me on this path. It gave me the confidence and connections I needed, and I learned an important lesson from the fest - work hard and don't stop, no matter what."

James Murray, Director Of Development – NorthSouth Productions, Co-Creator – TruTV's Impractical Jokers

"NYTVF is a life-changing festival that anyone who's out there hustling and making their own content should try to be a part of...The opportunities you have to meet future potential collaborators are reason enough to go, but when you add the chance to see the faces behind the industry it becomes simply unmissable."

Omar Kenawi, Best Unscripted Pilot Winner

"Through NYTVF we made connections with a number of development execs who we continue to work with."

Andy Miara, Emerson University Faculty, Former Head Writer – The Onion News Network

"Winning [The Fox Comedy Script Contest] was the single greatest stroke of luck I've ever had and has made all the difference in my career."

Robby O'Connor, Fox Comedy Script Contest Winner